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Gobi5000 EM7355 LTE/EVDO/HSPA+ 42Mbps NGFF Card 4G Module for Le

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replacement battery for COMPAQ ARMADA 1500 2921A Series EVO N100 N160 N800 series

PRESARIO 900 1500 1700 17XL 17XL2 2800 series laptop

Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Condition: 100% New
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400MAH

Compaq: 182281-001 187099-001 190336-001 191169-001 191258-B21 191259-B21 192835-001 192881-001 198709-001 200002-001 234218-B21 234219-B21 239551-001 240258-001 280611-001 281233-001 3141BU0001A 316237B21 CM2081B CM2082A CQ-P1700L
APS: BL1244
Helios: LP-PRES1700-LI
Lenmar: LBCQP1700L PPB004B LG 3141BS0025A
Monster: MP198709-001

Compatible with model:

Compaq Armada 1500 Series
Compaq Armada 2921A Series

Compaq EVO N100 Series
Compaq EVO N160 Series
Compaq EVO N800 Series

Compaq Presario 900 Series
Compaq Presario 900 900CA 900LA 900US 901EA 901US 902EA 902US 903EA 903US 904EA 904RSH 904US 905 905EA 905LA 905US 906US 907EA 907US 908EA 908US 909EA 909US 910 910AP 910EA 910US 911DE 911US 912 912EA 912RSH 914EA 914US 915CA 915EA 915US 916US 917DE 917EA 917US 918 918US 918RSH 919EA 919US 920 920AP 920CA 920EA 920LA 920US 921AP 921US 922UK 922US 923AP 923US 925AP 925EA 925US 927AP 927US 930AP 930US 935AP 935US 940AP 940US 943AP 943US 945AP 945US 950AP 950US 955AP 955US

Compaq Presario 1500 Series
Compaq Presario 1500 1500AP 1500AU 1500SC 1500T1500US 1501 1501AP 1501CL 1501LA 1502 1502LA 1502SC 15031503AP 1504 1504AP 1504TC 1505 1505AP 1505EA 1505TC 1505US 1506 1506AP 1506TC 1507 1507AP 1507EA1507EA-XP 1507TC 1508 1508AP 1508EA 1508SP 1508TC 1509 1509AP 1509AU 15101510AP1510AU 1510CA 1510EA 1510TC 1510US 1511 1511AP 1511TC 1512 1512AP 1512TC 1513 1513AP 1514 1514AP 1515 1515AP 1515EA 1516 1516US 1520 1520AP 1520CA 1520LA 1520US 1522 1522AP 1522EA 1522LA 1523 1523EA 1524 1525 1525UK 1525AP 1525CA 1525EA 1525US 1527 1527EA 1528 1528AP 1529DH 1530 1530SC 1531 1531AP 1531SC 1532 1532AP 1535 1535AP 1536 1536AP 1538 1538AP 1540 1540AP 1545 1545AP 1550 1550AP 1555AP 1565AP 1568AP 1570AP 1572AP 1575AP 1580AP

Compaq Presario 1700 Series
Compaq Presario 1700 1700AI 1700AP 1700AU 1700EA 1700JP 1700KR 1700LA 1700T 1700TC 1700US 1700XL573 1701 1701AI 1701AP 1701CL 1701EA 1701LB 1701S 1701TC 1702 1702AP 1702KR 1702LB 1702TC 1703 1704 1705 1710 1710LA 1710SB 1710T 1711 1711CL 1712 1712US 1713 1714 1714EA 1715 1715CA 1716 1717 1717RSH 1720 1720CA 1720US 1721 1722 1722CA 1722US 1723 1724 1725 1726
Compaq Presario 17XL Series
Compaq Presario 17XL 260 17XL 262 17XL 264 17XL 265 17XL 266 17XL 274 17XL 275 17XL 360 17XL 361 17XL 362 17XL 364 17XL 365 17XL 366 17XL 368 17XL 369 17XL 370 17XL 372 17XL 375 17XL 378 17XL 379 17XL 380 17XL 460 17XL 461 17XL 462 17XL 463 17XL 464 17XL 465 17XL 466 17XL 468 17XL 469 17XL 470 17XL 471 17XL 472 17XL 473 17XL 474 17XL 475 17XL 476 17XL 477 17XL 480 17XL 482 17XL 485 17XL 488 17XL 490 17XL 492 17XL 561 17XL 562 17XL 563 17XL 565 17XL 567 17XL 568 17XL569 17XL 570 17XL 571 17XL 572 17XL 573 17XL574 17XL575 17XL 577 17XL578 17XL 579 17XL 580

Compaq Presario 17XL2 Series

Compaq Presario 2800 Series
Compaq Presario 2800 2800AP 2800CA 2800T 2800US 2801CL 2801EA 2802EA 2802SP 2804EA 2804SC 2805US 2806AP1 2806CL 2806EA 2807AP 2807AP1 2807EA 2808AP1 2808EA 2809FR 2810AP 2810AP1 2810CA 2811AP 2811AP1 2811CA 2811CL 2812AP 2812EA 2813AU 2813TC 2814AP 2814AU 2815AP 2815LA 2815SP 2816AP 2816EA 2817AR 2818AP 2820AP 2820AU 2820EA 2820SC 2821AP 2821AU 2821DE 2821EA 2821SC 2821TC 2822AP 2822EA 2822TC 2823AP 2823AU 2823TC 2824AP 2824TC 2825AP 2825EA 2825TC 2826AP 2826EA 2826TC 2827AP 2827TC 2828AP 2828TC 2829AP 2829TC 2830AP 2830AU 2830EA 2830SC 2830TC 2831AP 2831SC 2831TC 2832AP 2832SC 2832TC 2833TC 2834TC 2835AP 2835EA 2836AP 2836TC 2837AP 2837EA 2837TC 2838AP 2838TC 2839AP 2839TC 2840AP 2840TC 2841AP 2843AP 2844AP 2845AP 2846AP 2850AP 2851AP 2852AP 2853AP 2854AP 2855AP 2856AP 2857AP 2858AP 2859AP 2860AP 2863AP 2864AP 2865AP 2866AP 2867AP 2868AP 2869AP 2870AP 2871AP 2872AP 2873AP 2878CL 2879CL 2880CL 2881CL 2884AP 2885AP 2811EA

Notes: The battery cannot work with Compaq Business NC8200 Series, Compaq Business NW8000 Series, Compaq Business NC6000 Series, Compaq Business NC6200 Series and Compaq Business NC8000 Series.


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 December, 2007.
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